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2160p (4K)

Director(s): Michael James Hardinge, Jay Beckerleg

Writer(s): Lachlan McKeown

Cast: Kelsie Schulz, Ana Della Rocca (aka Ana Isabel), Paul Dawber, Natalie Fenwick

Spoken in English

Subtitles in English,French,Portuguese,Russian,Spanish



Genre: drama, transgender man,family issues, trans story line

Availability: globally

In this short film we follow high schooler, Zoe, struggling to come out as a trans man.

Story of High Schooler, Zoe, struggling to come out as a trans man. After knowing who they truly are for a while, Zoe finds themselves fatigued by their fear of whether others will accept them or not.

MASKED was created in conjunction with the 15-18 year old’s from the Knox ‘ Free To Be Me’ LGBTQIA Youth group. The project is proudly supported & funded by Knox City Council, YAC Vic & the Victorian State Government.

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