Turtle Hill, Brooklyn



Turtle Hill, Brooklyn

drama, comedy

Turtle Hill, Brooklyn
1080p (HD)

Director(s): Ryan Gielen

Writer(s): Brian W. Seibert, Ricardo Valdez

Cast: Brian W. Seibert, Ricardo Valdez, Joie Bauer, Josh Marcantel, Cooper Shaw, Holly Lynn Ellis, Adam Harper, Krista Kujat, Sarah Lemp

Spoken in English

Subtitles in undefined



Genre: drama,comedy, birthday,couple's crisis, gay storyline

Availability: globally

TURTLE HILL, BROOKLYN is a funny, sincere, slice of life about a couple just trying to figure it out.  Love. Lies. Piñata.

Mateo and Will invite their friends over for Will's 30th birthday. After a few surprise visitors, they get through the day, but realize that doubting your partner isn't nearly as scary as doubting yourself.