🎥 Am Abgrund

Updated: Feb 23

Plot: Trust is the most important value in a relationship - no matter if gay or straight. But when jealousy becomes more powerful, the relation will suffer. A methaphoric gay horror film.

It's the third and last part of a trilogy about gay youngsters living in Bavaria's Algäu that was created by Bonito Jugendgruppe ( http://bonito-allgaeu.de )

Language subtitles: #english_subs

Spoken Language: #German

Duration:8:35 min

Image quality: #1080p

Genres: #horror #suspense

Country: #Germany Release year: 2014

Director: Bonito Jugendgruppe

Writer: Bonito Jugendgruppe

Cast & Crew: Axel Pählig, Andreas Jörg, Benjamin Hegemann, Maritn Rudolph, Matthias Schön, Winfred Schön, Patrick Schütz

First short of the trilogy Am Ziel

Second short of the trilogy Am Gipfel