Eden's Curve

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

A coming of age romantic drama set in 1972 based on real life events.


Youtube changed the rules to embed age-restricted material on third-party websites, even if you are already logged with a youtube user profile allowed to view such material. It is by no means pornographic material. Direct link

Please come back to queerflix.net after watching the movie for more LGBTQ films.


Country: #USA

Spoken Language: #English

Language subtitles: no subtitles available

Duration: 1h 33 min

Image quality: #480p

Genres: #drama #romance

Release year: 2003

Director: Anne Misawa

Writer: Jerry Meadors, Hart Monroe

Cast: Trevor Lissauer, Samuel A. Levine, Amber Taylor, Bryan Carroll, Julio Perillán



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