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Into It

Chicago filmmaker Jeffrey Maccubbin's newest work looks deeply into how two men strive to find peace with their innermost demons. Simon is a hustler caught in the underbelly of queer culture. Late one night Simon slips on the ice that throws him into the arms of Evan, the host of a cable show who suffers from Tourette's Syndrome. After a night of unbridled sex, Simon realizes that Evan's ticks have subsided. He believes that he is meant to save Evan from his afflictions, leading them to unabashedly dive into a sado-masochistic relationship. Simon basks in a world where sadness and depression have become his new turn on and where his emotional destruction is the only true way to give Evan his soul.


Youtube changed the rules to embed age-restricted material on third-party websites, even if you are already logged with a youtube user profile allowed to view such material. It is by no means pornographic material. Direct link

Please come back to after watching the movie for more LGBTQ films.


Country: #USA

Spoken Language: #English

Language subtitles: no subs

Duration: 1h 33 min

Image quality: #480p

Genres: #drama #gay

Release year: 2006

Director: Jeffrey Maccubbin

Writer: Jeffrey Maccubbin

Cast: Bradley Baloff, Richardson Cisneros-Jones, Matt Conaway


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