📺 No Shade

Updated: Feb 23

No Shade is a fun LGBT theme dramedy web series based in NYC which follows the life of Noel Baptiste (David Brandyn), a gay artist from Brooklyn, NY who finally comes to grips with his sexuality and is now comfortable in his own skin. During his self discovery his 3 crazy friends, Bar manager Eric D. Stone (Terry Torro), Dance teacher Kori Jacobs (Donnie DuRight) and transgender-female make-up artist Danielle Williams (Tamara M. Williams) accompany him on his journey for love, success and evolution.

Spoken Language: #English

Language subtitles: no subtitles available

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 10

Image quality: #720p

Genres: #dramedy

Release year: 2013

Country: #USA

Director: Sean Anthony

Writer: -

Cast: David Brandyn, Tamara Williams, Terry Torro, Donnie DuRight