Un frère | A brother

Updated: Jan 1

15 year old Tom is going to spend another calm summer with his parents and younger sister at their summer house. But by fate, another family comes to spend some time with them, with their 17 year old son Felix. A French film about two adolescent males, one gay and the other bisexual, who bond and explore their first sexual experiences with one another.

English title: A brother

Country: #France

Spoken Language: #French

Language subtitles: #arabic_subs #bulgarian_subs #czech_subs #english_subs #hungarian_subs #indonesian_subs #italian_subs #portuguese_subs #spanish_subs #thai_subs

Duration: 81:54 min

Image quality: #1080p

Release year: 2018

Genres: #drama #comingout

Director: Victor Habchy

Writer: Martin Escoffier, Victor Habchy

Cast: Simon Royer, Marin Lafitte, Oriane Barbaza,Iris Gastellu, Ambre Rambaud, Simon Escoffier, Thomas Judes

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