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About QueerFlix

If in desperate need for some rainbow sparkles in your life, then QueerFlix will colour your day.

QueerFlix curates all the great (short) films and web series from around the internet for you. We cross link award winning LGBTQI short films, long feature films, (web) series, documentaries and reality TV in several languages and with several subtitles. All of the content we cross link to is for free but may not be available in your region. This is because audiovisual rights are regionally based. There is nothing QueerFlix can do about that. Some of the content we cross link to may also be available with SVOD services. Unlike those, we do not charge you any money for films that are freely available on the youtube or vimeo channels of the makers.

QueerFlix does not store any video content, but only cross links to other sources and platforms freely available on the internet. If for some reason you are the rights owner of a video and you wish not to be listed on this site, please go to our contact page for more information on how to have it taken down. Please do the same if you want to correct information given or maybe want me to support you by adding your video links.

This site is maintained as a hobby – I am not a professional. So, if you like what I do and you want to support me in the costs of maintaining this web site, please consider a donation via the paypal or ko-fi button. 

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