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Genre: comedy, short film series, gay storyline

An LA gay writer gets wrapped up into a world of bad boys and their crazy, crime-filled family after they decide he's their "Daddy Scott".

Scott lives a quiet, boyfriend-less life writing in Los Angeles until an awkward meeting with a sexy bad boy leads to him getting entangled with the whole family, complete with simmering sibling rivalries, a mysterious murder, and the FBI on their tail. As the boys adopt him as their "Daddy Scott", he gets further involved in their hilariously crazy lives, where things never go as he expects and people are often not who they seem to be.

Bad Boy

Director(s): Artie O'Daly

Writer(s): Artie O'Daly

Cast: Artie O'Daly, Drew Canan, Braden Davis, Theresa Margaret Ryan, Alina Bock, Tony Harth, Julia Pace Mitchell, Lyndsey Doolen, Vanessa Marano, Zoe Zarkades, Doug Rogers, Alex Dyon, Paul Riley Fox

Spoken in English

Subtitles in English



Genre: comedy, short film series, gay storyline

Availability: globally

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