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Genre: drama, hustling,soapy, bi storyline

Meet Ryan Crosby, aka Rod Driver, adult film star and escort since his early twenties turned forty and still turning tricks.

In season 1, Ryan Crosby realizes he wants change but quickly recognizes that he has a very limited skill set. The series explores his discovery of a hidden passion for the culinary arts as he examines his life.

Season 2 continues with Ryan pursuing a new career as a chef but still having one foot in his past thanks to his new “mentor”, Geoffrey.

The final season picks up a year after the events of  season 2. This time, Ryan is now moderately successful as the owner of a supper club located below his stylish new apartment. Yet, when a magazine reporter seeks to dig deeper into the world of the ex-porn star/escort turned culinary whiz, the lives of both Ryan and all those in his inner circle reach a critical turning point.

A smart, sexy, edgy drama with dark comedy, starring Sebastian La Cause, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Stephen Guarino, Brent Barrett and Gerald McCullouch.


Director(s): Sebastian La Cause

Writer(s): Sebastian La Cause, Jennifer M. Howd

Cast: Sebastian La Cause, Jessica Press, Andrew Glaszek, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Gerald McCullouch, Kevin Spirtas, Sharon Washington,Mara Davi, Gary Cowling, Facundo Rodriguez, Monica Lawson, Marc Sinoway, Robert Montano, Julius Carter, Stephen Guarino

Spoken in English

Subtitles in no subtitles



Genre: drama, hustling,soapy, bi storyline

Availability: globally

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