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Adam and Steve



comedy, Christmas

Adam and Steve
1080p (HD)

Director(s): Paula Alonso

Writer(s): Mars Nicoli

Cast: Kathi DeCouto, Beth Kingston-Lee, Samuel Laughton, Lyn Mann, Alekai Murphy, Cameron Turner

Spoken in English

Subtitles in English,Italian,Spanish



Genre: comedy,Christmas, queer, lesbian storyline,gay storyline

Availability: globally

Adam and Mary, two gay siblings, swap their partners to pretend being straight for Christmas dinner.

Adam and Mary, two gay siblings, decide to bring their partners home for Christmas dinner. They really don't want to come out though, so they come up with a plan; they'll swap partners and pretend to be two straight couples. After a tragic first encounter with Grandma, who has a lot of opinions about children out of wedlock, foreigners and - bread, Steve can't take it anymore and threatens to leave. Adam has his way of persuading him, but that may involve the two of them, a tiny cupboard under the stairs, and a very high chance of Grandma walking in.

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