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Amour Éternel



Amour Éternel (original title)

romance, drama

Amour Éternel
1080p (HD)

Director(s): Benjamin Ribeaucourt

Writer(s): Benjamin Ribeaucourt

Cast: Benjamin Ribeaucourt, Guillaume Hecquet, Marie Muffat, Martin Monteneau, Florian Blond, Sébastien Piqueras

Spoken in French

Subtitles in English,Portuguese,Spanish



Genre: romance,drama, gay kissing,relationship challenges, gay storyline

Availability: globally

Nathan and Lucas haven been together forever, but don't exectly fit. Will their love be strong enough to face their dreams for the future?

Nathan and Lucas are together for several years, and they understand they don't fit exactly to each other : they don't have the same dreams and ideas for their future - Their love will be strong enough to overcome the obstacles. 

A great performance of the Keaton Nigel Cooke as the kid.

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