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Original title: Uitgesproken


1080p (HD)

Director(s): Dylan Tonk, Lazlo Tonk

Writer(s): Dylan Tonk, Lazlo Tonk

Cast: Joël Mellenberg, Josha Stradowski, Yldau de Boer, Leendert de Ridder, Florus Hoogslag, Rosa van Iterson, Anouar Ennali, Pol Buchly

Spoken in Dutch;Flemish

Subtitles in English


Netherlands (the)

Genre: drama, bullying,homophobia, gay storyline

Availability: globally

How would you react if you discovered your best friend is gay?

Dylan and Lazlo Tonk's 'Caged' tackles this very question in this sweet and surprising short film. They won Best Short Film Award at America's Rainbow Film Festival (ARFF) and Vittorio Veneto Film Festival  in 2016.

This movie is a free extract from Boys on Film 13. You can purchase the full set here.

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