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Gal Pals



comedy, romance

Gal Pals
2160p (4K)

Director(s): Kallie Tenney

Writer(s): Sarah Soderquist, Kallie Tenney

Cast: Katie Lynn Stoddard, Skarlett Redd, Anna Wyatt

Spoken in English

Subtitles in English,Portuguese,French,Spanish



Genre: comedy,romance, college life, lesbian storyline,gay storyline,bi storyline

Availability: globally

Series about the interwoven lives of a group of young LGBT women living in Los Angeles. It's the L-Word for the Broad City generation.

The series follows Bee, a jaded girl who plays a self-destructive game of hooking up with as many straight girls as possible, much to the disapproval of her best friend and roommate, Olivia--whose enemy #1 is the cooler than cool Edison from down the hall. Bee's newest target is the fairytale romance-loving Dylan. Bee is determined to win the game, even though Dylan's boyfriend, Gary, and--could it be?-- feelings stand in the way. Will she listen to Olivia in time? Or is heartbreak on the horizon?

4K video quality for season 3 onwards.

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