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drama, mystery, thriller

1080p (HD)

Director(s): Tim Marshall

Writer(s): Tim Marshall

Cast: Gary Abrahams, Chloé Boreham, Alex Duncan

Spoken in English

Subtitles in no subtitles



Genre: drama,mystery,thriller, camping, gay storyline

Availability: Globally

On a weekend away, a newly formed couple are forced to face the unknowns in their lives when a mysterious woman arrives at their secluded campsite.

On a camping trip with his new boyfriend, Joel questions when the  universe will end. His boyfriend, Sean, plays a game, having Joel close  his eyes and pick a random word from a book as his answer. The word is  'gorilla'. The next day, a mysterious woman arrives at their secluded  campsite and Joel comes across a sinister gorilla mask in her bag.

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