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drama, romance

1080p (HD)

Director(s): Kai Kreuser, Maik Scholz, Nick Schröder

Writer(s): Kai Kreuser, Maik Scholz, Nick Schröder

Cast: Fabian Freistühler, Daniel Kosic, Moustafa Tarraf, Marcel Meyer, Kathleen Renish, Daniel Printz, Mario Lopatta, Gareth McGregor

Spoken in German

Subtitles in Arabic,Danish,Dutch;Flemish,English,Esperanto,French,German,Hebrew,Italian,Malay,Portuguese,Russian,Spanish



Genre: drama,romance, coming of age,cologne, gay storyline

Availability: globally

Kuntergrau is a German web series telling the story of five open-minded gay friends on the threshold of adulthood.

We are invited in their daily life as they are experimenting the meaning of friendship, sex, love and boundaries in a small circle. Far from a coming out scenario, Kuntergrau bluntly addresses the heart of the matter without making any detour about its gayness.

The series is in German, with English and a dozen other subtitles. Look if there your language is available below. Season 3 just got released for free.

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