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Kylie Minogue: Showtime



biographic, music

Kylie Minogue: Showtime
1080p (HD)

Director(s): Billy Simpson

Writer(s): Billy Simpson

Cast: Ashley Pearson, Dean Piper, Kirsty Tyler, George Kimpson

Spoken in English

Subtitles in no subtitles



Genre: biographic,music, music documentary, undefined

Availability: globally

Kylie Minogue has been a pop icon and a queer icon for over the last three decades.

She become a symbol for female independence and is a true showbiz product and an incredibly successful woman. Kylie has been at the top of the charts virtually since 1988 when she released the world wide phenomenon 'The Loco-Motion'. Join Kylie in this documentary and discover her incredible journey. It is time for Showtime.

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