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Playing with Ice



science-fiction, comedy, drama

Playing with Ice
1080p (HD)

Director(s): Mikel J. Wisler

Writer(s): Mikel J. Wisler, Andrew Gilbert

Cast: Laura Menzie, Kate Paulsen

Spoken in English

Subtitles in no subtitles



Genre: science-fiction,comedy,drama, future, lesbian storyline

Availability: globally

Ready for a change in her life, Jocelyn applies for a mysterious program.

Tired of her life of solitude, Jocelyn applies for a mysterious program at Heri-Tech Corp. But the interview proves to be far more difficult than she ever anticipated. In the process, Emma, who works for Heri-Tech, learns of Jocelyn's painful past of being rejected by her family when she came out. Unprepared for such a vulnerable interview, Jocelyn lashes out at Emma. And yet, could this interview be the very thing Jocelyn needs to help her embrace life here and now?

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