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Pourquoi mon fils?



drama, coming out

Pourquoi mon fils?
1080p (HD)

Director(s): Lucas Morales

Writer(s): Lucas Morales

Cast: Yann Babilée, Josef Mlekuz, Lucas Morales, Jean-Michel Ricart, Agnès Rivière

Spoken in French

Subtitles in English,French,German,Italian,Spanish



Genre: drama,coming out, troubled relationship with parents, gay storyline

Availability: globally

Thomas and Louis reveal the true nature of their relation to their parents. Thomas father reaction is very different than that of Louis'.

The moment has come for Thomas and Louis to tell their parents about their gay relationship. The reaction of Louis' parents seems to go rather well. Thomas' father Hervé, however, blocks completely. He goes into an uncontrolable rage, but where will it lead him to face this revelation?

Every LGBT person knows that coming out is part of life and repeats of that process occur regularly. Lucas Morales short film was part of the selection for Cannes 2015 "Short Film Corner".

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