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drama, romance

1080p (HD)

Director(s): Szilvia Kaszaniczky

Writer(s): Szilvia Kaszaniczky

Cast: Emma Wrinkler, Renae Valastro, Summer McCartney Lyneham

Spoken in English

Subtitles in no subtitles



Genre: drama,romance, lesbian kissing,long-distance relationship, lesbian storyline

Availability: globally

A queer short film about two girls, Harriet, a free spirited philosophy student living in Sydney madly in love with her girlfriend Louisa; a head-strong artist who lives in England.

Harriet and Louisa are pushed to their limits when Harriet feels she is not strong enough to continue with their long distance relationship. In the moment of crisis, their two worlds collide and the future becomes uncertain.

Full of magical realism, the love between the girls is explored with beautiful surrealistic moments mixed with the heart breaking real ones. Can love truly conquer all?

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