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When we meet again



drama, fantasy, romance

When we meet again
2160p (4K)

Director(s): Megan Laursen

Writer(s): Jade Araya

Cast: Somerville Black, Camila Aguirre, Brett Brohman, Amol Malik, Siddharth Sharma, Ebony Walsh

Spoken in English

Subtitles in English



Genre: drama,fantasy,romance, forbidden love, gay storyline,lesbian storyline

Availability: globally

A grieving soul meets his love from past lives only to realise that their love always ends in the death of his love. What are his choices.

When We Meet Again is a love story that withstands time. Prasha and Esra are soulmates that have lived lifetimes apart, meeting again and again only to lose one another.

They cross paths in modern times and wonder, can they finally be together? The film explores their relationship in modern times and in 1600's Salem where Prasha and Esra live as Mary and Connie.

An interesting take on love transcending time and gender.

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