📺 All about Section 377| Still about S.377

Updated: Feb 23

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Suresh Chaudhry (Gulshan Nain) has come to Bombay to pursue a career in acting and modelling. Until his career kickstarts he has to stay with his cousin Rohit Mehra (Amit Khanna). He is fine with that idea until he discovers Rohit is in a gay couple which makes him uncomfortable.

Season 2 of All about Section 377 (Still about Section 377) is the story of an Urban gay couple who land up in a village in order to convince one of the partners family to accept them is the crux of the season. The journey hence is funny as well as emotional with it's set of highs and lows.

Spoken language: #Hindi Language Subtitles: #english_subs

Genres: #drama #gay #trans #romance #comingout

Seasons: 2 Episodes: 17

Image quality: #1080p

Release year: 2018 Country: #India

Director: Amit Khanna

Writer: Amit Khanna, Amaan Meher

Cast: Ankit Bhatia, Amit Khanna, Gunjan Malhotra, Gaurav Mishra, Gulshan Nain, Mustafa Sheikh, Karan Arora, Madhu Anand Chandhock, Pratyush Singh, Vinita Singh, Poonam SirnaikYash Yogi

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