Delivery Boy

Updated: Jan 8

Hard-working Chunho delivers dumplings to fancy apartments in Hong Kong. Among his deliveries, he pines for the cute British expat who seems not to notice him whenever he shows up with his steaming package. But just when things start to look romantic for these two, class differences threaten to get in the way...

Delivery Boy, is a gay tale “fusing timeless themes of love and class differences with a vibrant new story”. It screened in more than twenty five film festivals around the world, including San Francisco’s Frameline 43 and the Iris Prize 2019 in Wales.

Country: #HongKong

Spoken Language: #English

Language subtitles: #english_subs #portuguese_subs

Duration: 15:37 min

Image quality: #720p

Release year: 2019

Genres: #gay #drama #romance

Director: Hugo Kenzo

Writer: Hugo Kenzo

Cast: Thisby Cheng, Mike Leeder, Cheuk Piu Champi Lo, Phillip Smith

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