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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Jumper tells the story of a bourgeois European family whose lives are invaded by an enigmatic visitor. Set within a 20th century modern villa in Spain, his presence creates an unnerving effect.


The film was produced to coincide with the the 10 year anniversary of British fashion designer, Jonathan Saunders. Jonathan is incredibly passionate about film and it often serves as a starting point for a collection, in this instance the collection was the starting point for the film.

Inspired by the 1968 Pasolini's film ‘Teorema’ - Justin’s film focuses on a middle class family of four, who’s lives are all individually connected to the mysterious visitor.


Country: #UK

Spoken Language: no dialogue

Language subtitles: no dialogue

Duration: 04:35 min

Image quality: #720p

Release year: 2014

Director: Justin Anderson

Writer: Justin Anderson

Cast: Guillaume Dolmans, Nathalie Legosles, Javier Casamayor, Pol Hermoso, Becca Horn



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