📺 The DL Chronicles

Updated: Feb 23

Click on the poster to open the episode list in a new window and play the episodes. ​English spoken, no subs available.

In each episode of the DL Chronicles we follow a difference African American man leading a double sex live in secret with other men. "DL" stands for the slang phrase "down low," the term used to describe the covert nature of their gay/bisexual activities.

This series was originally aired on hereTV in the US and became available on youtube. Not all episodes are in HD quality, but the first is and the new episode 5 and the episode of the Chadwick journal. It is still a good way to (re)discover this gay cult series with the new additions.

Spoken language: #English Language Subtitles: no subtitles available

Genres: #drama #romance #gay #bi #suspense

Seasons: 2 Episodes: 6

Image quality: #1080p

Release year: 2019 Country: #USA

Director: Deondray Gossett, Quincy Le Near

Writer: Deondray Gossett, Quincy Le Near

Cast: Damian T. Raven, Sheilynn Wactor, T. Ashanti Mozelle, Colbert Alembert, Gabriel Corbin, Johanny Paulino, DeLaRosa Rivera

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