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What the duck

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

What the duck is a Thai series. Pop and Mo are a young couple, in which the girl has dreams of becoming a steward and air hostess but only the girl, Mo, alone becomes an air hostess in an airline as what she dreamt of. That makes the guy, Pop, have to reluctantly work in the Catering department of the airline instead. This is just to be near airplanes, his girlfriend, and the steward profession that he dreams of. He then finds that his definition of love changes when he meets Oat, a trouble making coworker in Catering.


Spoken Language: #Thai

Language subtitles: #english_subs

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 27

Image quality: #720p

Release year: 2015

Country: #Thailand

Director: -


Cast: -

English subtitles provided by Lazysubber (


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