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Iris Prize Film Festival in Cardiff goes online

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

The Iris Prize Festival is around since 2007 programming international LGBT+ films and documentaries in Cardiff, Wales. This year’s 14th edition will bring the festivals programme online for free for everyone in the UK.

The festival will open on Tuesday 6th October and close on Sunday 11th October, with all screenings, talks and events available online for free. There will also be a pay-per-view catch-up service which will run until the end of October. To support this, the organisers have launched their first public fundraising campaign.

Except for the film screenings, all other events will be broadcast worldwide. Unfortunately, due to film rights this is not possible for the films. The full programme schedule is here. However, Queerflix will stay on the lookout to bring you the short films that come available worldwide.

Last year, “Delivery Boy” by Hugo Kenzo was on the Iris Prize Festival 2019 screenings and can now be watched here.

In my opinion, online channels have been an immense support for LGBT+ people that often can’t be reached because of COVID-19 but also because they are far away from the cities that host the festivals. We had the online One World Together At Home event from Lady Gaga -although not LGBT+ only- was very inclusive and the Global Pride 2020 event hosted by Todrick Hall. We can only welcome initiatives like the online Iris Prize Festival 2020 because loads of people can now enjoy those gems at home that would never be reached otherwise.

And year round, QueerFlix is your destination to watch those great films and series.



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